A letter from the President...

We’ve had a busy year, filled with lots of activities that have clearly shown the value that Kindred Kitties adds to our community. We can never say thanks enough to all you, our loyal supporters--who in spite of our negligence in communicating more regularly throughout the year--continued to provide us with the inspiration and financial support required to care for our kindred and to offset the cost of helping many other cats in need. Our dedicated fosters, volunteers and supporters continue to amaze us and are what make us the very special organization we can all be proud to be a part of! We are looking forward to a productive and busy 2015 ... a year filled with many exciting new things to support our mission of saving as many homeless kitties as possible. 

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we look forward to continuing to work with all of you throughout the coming year. I am personally committed to making sure that our communication efforts are more regular and ongoing throughout the coming year. 


Cathy McDowell, President


2014 – Another year in which we can say we made a difference in the lives of many kitties!

As a rescue group, our #1 wish continues to be finding just the right home for each and every cat we rescue, and we feel we’ve made great strides in doing just that! But in addition to finding loving, permanent homes for kindred kitties, there were also many other cats we were able to help. It was challenging and we had to give a little bit more sometimes, but we were able to help by assisting or rescuing or saving from abandonment or providing vet care, or spaying/neutering many cats that needed us. ALL of them matter, and that is the difference we remain committed to make!! 

Rescues/Surrenders – In 2014, 242 cats were surrendered to Kindred Kitties. Of that number 19 were returned Kindred Kitties, 132 were surrendered pets, 76 were unowned cats and 15 were born to rescued pregnant cats. 

We re-homed 246 kitties (55 adults, 56 teens and 135 kittens), a 10% drop from 2013. Our lower number of adoptions can be attributed primarily to the number of cats we are able to foster at any given time. We are only able to rescue (and therefore re-home) as many cats as we are able to place in foster care. Our ongoing appeal continues to be for good foster homes –- particularly for adoptable adults! 

In cooperation with both Safe Harbor and Lake Geneva Veterinary Clinic, we are pleased to report that in 2014, we far exceeded the number of cats we spayed/neutered in 2013 (481). We spay/neutered a total of 605 cats – 13% were kindred kitties and a whopping 27% were feral kitties (TNR) ... a great accomplishment! And, as in the past, where we were unable to help in some areas, we successfullyreferred individuals to other alternative programs to ensure that we maximized spay/neuters in general

Foster Care
At year-end 2014, we had 87 cats in our care (35 less than end of year 2013): 32 at the Adoption Center, 38 in foster homes and 17 who are considered “permanent” fosters due to special needs. Again, please spread the word that Kindred Kitties is in need of foster homes for rescued cats and kittens. If anyone you know is interested, please have them inquire by calling 262/605-0533 or checking out the information on fostering outlined on our website. 

We can’t ever say enough about how much we appreciate the efforts of all of our volunteers. In 2014, at the Adoption Center alone, our volunteers clocked over 5,000 hours! And there are more hours than we can possibly count being invested by our dedicated fosters, by those who invest many, many hours in planning and executing our events, by those who regularly devote their time and energy at adoption events, by those who coordinate getting cats into foster homes, or to the vet, or making sure they are up to date on vaccines and properly medicated, and by those behind the scenes who keep the administrative wheels of Kindred Kitties turning (smoothly we might add). It is the support of volunteers at every level of our organization that truly makes Kindred Kitties what it has become! Thank you volunteers for all that you have done and continue to do for all the kindred kitties.


Your support means everything to us – both your time and money! We make every effort to acknowledge all who contribute to Kindred Kitties in a variety of ways. Please know that if you are not acknowledged in the listing below, it is totally unintentional. You can be sure that we are very grateful! Note: Gifts are not listed in order of importance, but are most often listed by date received, or sometimes in first name order.

Special Thanks 

• To Judy Fai-Poplipnik for providing a new fan for the front room of the Adoption Center and to Mary Kessenich for its installation 

• To John & Jennifer and to Scott Sanborn for keeping our toilet operational 

• To Don and Donna Peterson for continually fixing our shelves and our old front door 

• To Marie DeBock for her continuing dedication to her sponsorship of our special kitty Emilio 

• To PayPal Giving Fund – Ebay Community Selling & Checkout Donations 

• To Pet Supplies Plus–Racine for Gift Card from Customer Donations 

• To Nancy Huck & Elizabeth Stone for putting together all of our Adoption Folders 

• To E-Bay Giving Works – for a percent of online purchases 

• To Comfort for Critters and to LaurieAnn Perkins & Lynn Day for Handmade Carrier Liners 

• To Christie Graham, Realtor for sharing her commissions on home purchases 

• To Pet Supplies Plus-Racine for their December Food/Toy/Supplies Collection 

• To Caroline Davis Ulrich for her very first charitable donation 

• To Bobbi Hauser for donation of a 4-Pack of Bucks Tickets & two 4-Packs of Brewers Tickets 

• To Mrs. Johnson’s Class at Harborside Academy for School Collection of food/toys/treats 

• To Riley Achterhof for his Lemonade Stand proceeds 

• To Carol Powell for Large Cat Tree 

• To Aminah Bektesi for her Welcome sign for the Adoption Center 

• To Educators Credit Union-Green Bay Road for donations from June Employee Promotion 

• To: Bob Enstad for KK advertisement in Friends of Kenosha Public Museums Art Fair Program

• To Juliana Amundson & Diana DeJonge who did a voice recital and donated proceeds to KK 

• To Allison Trealor for Sponsorship of our special kitty Rutherford 

• To Emma V for her gift of catfood and cat brush in honor of her granddaughter Diana S’s 10th birthday 

• To 21st Century Prepatory School-Racine for a big box of Cat Nip Pole Toys 

• To Girl Scout Troop 9364 for cat toys and treats 

• To the Gavina Family for a Cat Tree 

• To Abbvie Foundation, Abbott Labs, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Hospira & Takeda Pharmaceuticals for Matching Employee Donations 

• Nick & Nancy Huck for installing coat racks in the Adoption Center 

• To Katie Crews and her dad Brad for the CNH donation of $5,000 through the Employee Donation Request Program 

• To Jessica Fairclough for a new cat condo 

• To Bayer Health Care / Adopt A Pet for a supply of Advantage Flea Protection for Cats/Kittens 

• To donors for the care of Leia (aka Noelle) transferred from Chicago Animal Control: Bre Sinacore, Diana Fosco, Lia Baubin, Nancy Karen and Alison Halm 

• To Vernon Elementary School for choosing Kindred Kitties as Charity of Choice for their “Ugly Sweater Contest” 

Thanks for Supplies/Food/Equipment/Gift Cards 

Bruce Bitzen, Sherry Kirby, Mark Bialk, Amanda Kumpula, CARE Animal Hospital, Boston Store Online, Bill & Lilly Ersbo, Linda & Neil Shepler, Marilyn St. Louis, Rebecca Haberkorn, Allison Trealor, Christina Hillard, Aaron Hoel,Tami Millager, Karen Sconzert, Diane Veenendaal, Don Logan, Glen Larson, Kevin Berger, Justin Schinske, Cynthia Bruno, Linda Ronpole, Chris Green, Linda Becker, Jana Morrison, David Kurklis, Judy Fai-Poplipnik, Aline Costa Reis, Laura Kresch, Alyssa Skalitzky, Colleen Achterhof, Pam Duchac James Mitchell, Suzanne Allie, Linnea Elrod, Kimberly Schroeder, Cindy Waas, Jan Marchuk, Nancy Pokrzewinski, Debra Mason, Wren Ide, Lisa Becker, Linda Schwefel, Joe Johnson, Chris Hammelev