Help us to celebrate our 20th Birthday in a big way with DOUBLE the impact!! 


All donations made to the Kindred Kitties Building Fund during 2020 will be matched up to $95,000.  And that includes any funds raised between October 12th and October 31st in celebration of this big milestone.  This is a FANTASTIC opportunity fo us --  but we can't reach our goal without you!

For our birthday, we are asking you to spread the word with your friends, family, and co-workers about WHY you support Kindred Kitties to help raise funds.  You can create a fundraising page on your own, or put together a team on our Fundraising site Flipcause (click here).   Think of it like a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser, but doubling your impact!

And, to reward you for your efforts, there are prizes!!

>Anyone individual who collects $200 or more in donations, or all team members of any team that collects an average of $200/tam member, will receive an exclusive Kindred Kitties 20th Birthday T-Shirt.  (This shirt will only be available to individuals collecting donations between the dates noted above.)

>Special gifts will also be awarded to the person who raises the most money individually, and the team who collects the highest average donation per team member. (Total number on the team/divided by amount raised.)

Steps to participate can be found below. 

1.  Go to our Flipcause Fundraising Page:       20th Birthday Celebration Page

2.  Click on "Become a Fundraiser" and sign up.  You can upload a  person photo or ones of your furry friends on your fundraising page and collect donations electronically.  You'll be asked to set a fundraising goal, and can share a little bit on your fundraising page why you are raising funds for Kindred Kitties.  You can choose to raise funds as an individual or create [or join] a team.  

3.  Then, SHARE your fundraising page with your friends and family to begin raising funds -- via Facebook, email, etc.  If you've chose to create a Team, encourage your friends to sign up and join your team.    Go to the welcome email you receive after creating your personal fundraising page, click on the link provided to see your personal fundraising page, and then you can share it via Facebook, email, etc.  

4.  The deadline for raising funds is October 31st, 2020  Once everything is finalized, we will announce the prize winners.  

While the process is really user-friendly, if you aren't super tech savvy, we are offering the option of using a paper form to collect donations for our Birthday Fundraiser. To receive a paper form, send an Email request to or call 262/605-0533. 

Note:  You could even collect donations using both formats if you choose.