Cody came to us in August 2016 with his buddy, Lucas. They were part of larger group of cats from a neglect case. They were both older kitties  (~15 years old) and it was quite evident they never received vet care or a whole lot of attention. Both kitties had very infected mouths and ears. Lucas had most of his teeth removed and also had a mass removed from his mouth. This mass did come back as cancer and sadly after a couple months with us he started to rapidly decline and passed away so now Cody is without his buddy. Cody has a "cauliflower ear" due to years of untreated ear infections. Cody is quite shy and nervous in new situations but is slowly starting to learn that people are ok and that petting/attention is a GOOD thing! Every day he is becoming more adventurous and spending more time exploring our adoption center. He also enjoys head scratches from people. UPDATE: Cody has gone to a permanent foster home.  He is enjoying life in a home environement!