Squiggy is such a beautiful long haired dude who came back to us in June 2018.  If you saw him when he first came to us compared to today, you wouldn't even recognize him as the same cat.  Squiggy was originally adopted from us as a kitten back in 2009, before we spayed/neutered all of our cats and kittens prior to adoption.  We got a call from Safe Harbor in June 2018 saying they had Squiggy in their care because his caretaker was moving and could not take him with.  When we went to pick him up we could hardly believe the condition he was in--his mouth was a complete mess, he entire body was covered with scabs from fleas, his coat and body were thin, he was very dirty, and at 8 years old, he had never been neutered.  Based on his condition, we could only surmise that he had lived largely outdoors.  Well we got Squiggy a dental and his mouth was feeling much better.  Over time his coat has filled in and he's actually become a little chunky so is now on a diet.  Squiggy does have some issues with marking, we're guessing it is related to being neutered so late and possibly living outside, however, our volunteers have been working hard with him.  This dude sure aims to please and we have definitely noticed in an improvement.  Squiggy also gets a little intimidated by some of the other cats so we think in a home where he could be an only cat and get into a routine that the spraying would go away as we have seen with some of our other kitties.   We remain hopeful that some special person will come along and want to give this beautiful, loving boy a second chance in a home.  Until then, Squiggy has a safe place with us as we continue to work with him.