Can I adopt more than one cat at a time?
Yes! We do our very best to identify those cats that would do well with a companion. However, some of our cats would not do well going to a home with a friend. Our volunteers will work with you, using the information you’ve provided about your family and the information we have available on our cats, to ensure that the cat(s) you choose will be the best fit for your home. We take great care in matching our cats to their potential new caregivers.

Can I adopt only one kitten?
Kindred Kitties follows the advice of many leading animal behaviorists and understands that kittens do best in environments with other cats or kittens. It helps them to be better socialized and behaved. In addition, kittens with a companion to play with gets less bored and tends not to exhibit destructive behavior (such as climbing curtains or waking you in the wee hours of the morning for play time). Following this advice, we strongly recommend that kittens under the age of 6 months go to a home with another cat or kitten. If your home has no cats, then we suggest kittens be adopted in pairs. (Pairs do not necessarily have to be siblings, but should be in the same age range.)

How long does it take to process an adoption application?
Kindred Kitties is an all-volunteer organization. Its volunteers and fosters dedicate their free time to help the cats in our care. Please understand that all applications will be reviewed as quickly as possible, however; depending on the volume of applications received at a given time, it may take us 1-3 business days to process your application. Although our adoption process may seem time-consuming, please understand that we have our cats’ best interests in mind and want only the best for them.

Where do your cats come from?
The majority of our cats are rescued from outside situations, but periodically we intake cats/kittens from a home environment. The intake of cats is predicated on the amount of foster space we have available at the time we receive a call regarding surrender of a cat or cats.