Due to over-population, millions of healthy, loving cats and kittens face early deaths by euthanasia as the unfortunate choice for animal control. Others are left outside to fend for themselves against automobiles, natural elements, and cruel human beings. Spaying and neutering of both pets and community cats is the only answer!!

The optimal age to spay/neuter cats is before they reach 5 months of age. For most vets, however, the rule of thumb is a weight of 5# or 6 months. Be sure to get your cat to the vet for its rabies and distemper shots by 4 months of age, and get that appointment made for spay/neuter to ensure you have the appointment booked ahead of time! For community (outside) cats, spay/neuter can generally be done at a younger age.

For owned cat low-cost spay/neuter programs:

• Call Kindred Kitties at 262/605-0533 for available options
• Contact Safe Harbor Humane Society, Kenosha, WI
• Contact  Wisconsin Humane Society
• Contact Spay Me! Clinic, Madison, WI
• For other alternatives in your area, go to Spay USA and enter your Zip Code
• Friends of Animals Spay/Neuter Certificate Program – 800/321-7388

For community cat Trap/Neuter/Release (TNR) programs:

• Call Kindred Kitties at 262/605-0533 to discuss available options
• Contact Safe Harbor Humane Society, Kenosha 
• Contact Spay Me! Clinic, Madison 
• Contact Spay & Stay (Lake County, Illinois Only) 

Would you like to help someone who may not be able to afford spay/neuter on their own?

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