A New Vision for Kindred Kitties

In the Fall of 2019, Kindred Kitties kicked off its building fund campaign. At that time, we shared with you our vision of providing the best possible environment for our cats and the people who both care for and adopt them. And while our current building has served us well, it is time for us to seek a new location which will provide more functionality to better meet our needs. We need an expanded place that’s easy to maintain and will provide separate, specialized areas to carry out our diverse activities more efficiently and effectively.

Throughout the years, our supporters have made it possible for us to positively impact the lives of many cats! And now we ask that you be a part of helping us to dream bigger — to stretch and grow!! Since the establishment of our Building Fund in 2019, we’ve been moving paw by paw towards our five-year goal of $750,000, and continued momentum on our path toward a new building will only be made possible by the contributions of our dedicated partners and friends.

We hope you are as excited as we are and will take this bold step with us into the future. We know that it will take time, but paw by paw with your continued support, we are confident that our vision will become our reality!