2.19.19:  Bula Bula came to Kindred Kitties as an older kitten with her sisters in July 2013 from a farm.  She was the most standoff-ish of her siblings.  Bula came a long way in our care but always liked to do her own thing and on her own terms.  Bula earned a special place in many of our volunteer’s hearts but one in particular knew she wanted to adopt Bula. Bula really seemed to like her too.  😉  When she was finally able to adopt a cat, Bula got to say goodbye to our adoption center that she called home for almost 5 years and go home with her new mom in June 2018.  Bula Bula is thriving in her new home although she still has her quirks but her new family thinks she’s great!  We love it when our long term kitties find their forever homes!