I did change her name to “Miss Bea” chosen by the ladies from Library Terrace Assisted Living where I volunteer.
We adjusted extremely fast to one another.  She is the most affectionate cat I have ever had. The minute I sit down she jumps up in my lap and goes to sleep. She is very inquisitive and can open cupboard doors. She knows the word no and stops what she is doing and goes on to something else. She “talks” all the time and I think I should have called her “squeaky”. She will come out when people are here and let them pet her. She loves to play and uses all her scratching  posts  never the furniture, which I worried about as I had a 24 and a 21 year cat with no front claws.  The vets and office people told Miss Bea she hit the jackpot when she chose me to be her guardian but honestly I think I hit the jackpot.  I can’t help but believe she was dearly loved by someone at one time because she is so trusting and affectionate. I wonder what happened that she came to you as a stray and wasn’t spayed.