It is with heavy hearts that we share the loss of our older guy, Lucas, last night. Lucas came to us at the beginning of August with Cody as a transfer from another shelter. The boys had been at the shelter for a couple months on hold as part of a neglect case. Estimated at 15+years old, Lucas was a mess. His mouth was full of rotten teeth and had a mass. His ears were also full of polyps. After a dental, Lucas didn’t have many teeth left but his mouth was definitely feeling better. The mass was removed and biopsied which revealed invasive Cancer. We knew Lucas would probably end up being a “hospice” kitty, but we were determined to show him love with whatever time we would have with him.  Cody was also a mess, left with a shriveled up “cauliflower ear” due to years of untreated ear infections.

We took these boys in knowing that they wouldn’t be the easiest kitties in the world to adopt out, but knowing they deserved a chance at knowing that not all people are bad.  We wanted to give them love and a second chance.  After spending some time in a foster home recuperating from their vet visits, they were moved to our adoption center.  Both boys were making good strides in learning to trust people.  Cody especially has been enjoying coming out more frequently to explore our adoption center.

A few days ago Lucas seemed to be slowing down a bit. Yesterday he just wasn’t himself and so we had scheduled a vet visit for this morning. When one of our volunteers stopped by last night to check on him, she could tell that he was shutting down–he was unable to stand and wasn’t his normal “scaredy cat” self, trying to get away from prying hands  She brought him right over to the emergency vet where they confirmed his body was indeed shutting down.  We made the difficult decision to help Lucas pass peacefully and he passed in the arms of the volunteer who was with him.

Rest in peace buddy, we are so thankful that we were able to show you some love and kindness in the time we had with you.  We promise we will take good care of your friend, Cody, while we search for the perfect home for him.