Twister is a special guy who was found as a stray outside about in June. He was found dragging himself around and only about 6 weeks old. Immediately his finder could tell that something wasn’t quite right about him so she brought him to Kindred Kitties where she knew he would be able to receive the care and TLC needed.

Named Twister for his twisted back legs–he sure is a cutie and is a sweet guy. We took Twister to our specialty vet. The vet took x-rays and found that his kneecaps were backwards and his thigh bones were crooked. He underwent a first surgery to move his kneecaps now while he is young.  First surgery is estimated to cost around $1,800 in addition to the vet bills already incurred for the first visit and x rays.

Twister had surgery on 6/28.

You can follow Twister’s recovery and progress here: