Here’s the account of Dublin’s rescue (his story starts at the bottom of the page, updates move with most recent being at the top!):

2/17/16: Hello everyone it’s Dublin. We were trying to go for “play time but this sweet and precious boy decided he wanted to just cuddle. He physically wrapped both paws around me as if he were hugging me. My heart just melted but it doesn’t stop there, my leg was falling asleep, I had to move. I thought for sure he would move off my lap and start growling.  Nope. He moved up my chest under my chin. ♡ Ummm ok Dublin that was a HUGE move, huge milestone. He’s extremely cuddly today. His ears aren’t pinned back half as much. So proud of his progress. Still he’s slow going in trust and needs work, lots of it but We’re making progress in the right direction. I wish I could get pics of everything but my arms are full of a bundle of lovin fur. ♡  Pictures from today’s update, click here.

2/5/16: Update on Dublin, a note from his foster mom:
I didn’t get pics but instead I will paint a beautiful pic for you. While I was holding Dublin I wrapped him up in a blanket as usual. He’s not been real thrilled about being touched or even approached at all the last few days. We all have our moments. I get it. Well I don’t want to go backwards on the progress either so I did hold him anyway.  I thought he was shaking. Though he seemed to be really enjoy his chin being rubbed, his belly rubbed. I couldn’t figure it out. I then noticed he reached his arm out, stretched even more. I listened even harder and realized he was purring with contentment. This was the first time I heard him purr in a very long time. For the first time Dublin was happy. Yet another step in the right direction.

1/27/16: Dublin update from last night:  Today (Tuesday) he had his surgery on his toes and got neutered. Everything went very well. He was quite comfortable and was actually purring in my arms. That was music to my ears. He responded very well to me. I could see the gentle side coming through and believe he is going to be a totally different cat now. He’s not going to have pain taking over anymore.  Now he’s going to be able to heal totally and learn to play, love and let his guard down.  Pictures from today’s update, click here.

1/25/16:  Dublin is getting his bad toes removed and neutered. Dr confirmed they aren’t viable so we aren’t going to keep going to keep pushing it. It’s for the best. Now he will be able to heal. I feel so relieved.  I’ll be able to pick him up tomorrow.  This is a huge step for this sweet boy.

1/23/16:  He is still getting his foot treatments by his foster mom at home. His foot is still quite sore but is getting better every day. He is eating, drinking and using his box fine.
Dublin goes to the vet this coming week for a check up–we are all anxious to see what the vet will say about his toes. We’ll see if they’ll want to take him in and do an actual debriding themselves. Then they’ll know better whether or not how severe his toes are and if he’ll have to have those 2 or toes will be savable or not.

1/18/16: He is still recovering and his foot is VERY tender. He doesn’t like being held without a blanket as he shakes A LOT. He is doing better though. He did take a HUGE step forward today and made me so proud. I put treats in my hand, he didn’t seem to understand so I gave them to him one by one. With hesitation he at first took them. He looked at me as I told him it was ok. I put them in his mouth. He knew as I blinked, he then understood it was ok. He then gradually started eating them. Ymmmm.  After that I gave him some canned food on a clean plate as we sat at the table together. He had his morning dose of antibiotics and has been getting his share of kisses, rubs. His eyes were getting heavy so nap time it is. Pics of his foot after he has his hydrotherapy.
He’s one special boy. Dublin thanks everyone for the prayers and love as do I.God is sure on our side. He has a long way to go to make him feel safe but I know we will get him there.
From tonight: Dubin isn’t feeling the greatest tonight. His foot is REALLY SORE. More of the dead tissue sloughed off and his foot is quite tender. He’s quite hissy and growly after his treatment tonight. I honestly don’t blame him.  The look on his face says it all.  He even hissed at my husband.  My heart just breaks for him. In a week Dublin goes in for a follow up. He’s resting now from the pain meds.  Pictures from today’s update, click here.

1/14/16: Hello everyone from Dublin. Had a really exciting day. He’s doing much better as he didn’t have a fever and he’s not having as much infection. His wounds are showing A LOT more improvement. There’s more blood flow to his toes which Dr wanted to hopefully save those toes. So the hydrotherapy is helping. Still he has a long ways to go BUT I’m feeling VERY hopeful.
The blackened tissue is starting to slough off which is a good thing. His feet all 4 of them are VERY touchy so I’m very gentle with them. I expected that though. He has to be wrapped up in a blanket ALL the time when I am to do anything because he’s so scared he hisses , spits and does try to scratch. Otherwise once I have him wrapped up he’s fine.  I took him in the bathroom to have him in a very small confined area and he got so scared, he freaked out. He had not idea what to do. Once he was in a blanket again he was fine.  He’s back to himself again, no shaking or wide eyed, heart racing. He looks at me with his eyes giving me the look letting me know he feels safe again. I rub under his chin, he pushes up against me, starts purring, Turning into then touching. I guess it’s safe to say I’m doing something right.  Pictures from today’s update, click here.

1/12/16: We’re back from the vet. Dublin got a pain shot and strong antibiotics because he has a NASTY infection brewing on his foot. He also got a fever right now so he’s REALLY feeling sucky.  Once the meds kick in were going to be doing hydrotherapy 2x a day. I’ll be spending lotsa time with our sweet boy and letting warm water run over the foot to help get the circulation going so it will promote healing. Our vet feels really optimistic we can avoid amputation so I am doing everything I can to give it my best shot!!! “LET’S DO THIS!!! “was my response. I will do whatever I can to help keep his foot. He said he will have an ugly scar but it will be a fully fuctioning foot. My response, “That’s ok. We can do this. ”  This is a bump in the road BUT we’ll get there. He is a very special Lil boy. He nuzzled into me as he was getting looked at. He loves his pets, being talked to.  Every step is huge. Each touch of love is a step closer to gaining his trust and closer to his heart.  Pictures from today’s update, click here.

1/12/16: Update on the little kitten found outside this past Saturday night. Here’s a note from his foster mom, he has been named Dublin:
Our special boy is now moving around much better. He’s hissing, spitting and letting me know he’s feeling better so to me that’s an improvement.I can scruff him put a blanket around him and hold him like a baby and he does start purring so I do believe he’s simply very scared and still just not feeling good. He’s now eating, drinking, using the litter box too. So that also is a gold star for him. He is going to need alot of hands on, patience, love and persistent daily work to get him to trust he’s not going to be hurt or thrown away. Once he knows that he’s going to be a wonderful boy. He has such a sweet and gentle spirit. He’s moving all in the right direction so keep those prayers coming. I am hoping to have his toes looked at as they are questionable still.

1/10/16: Last night one of our fosters rescued her first kitten of the season. This precious guy was found literally frozen stuck between two fence posts. He’s a mess and was in a lot of pain when found. He was brought immediately to the emergency vet late last night after being rescued. He’s approx 4-4.5mos old. He needs lots of prayer and good thoughts.  At first, they thought he may have a few fractured ribs, possible fractured hip, fractured leg/knee, strained inner leg muscles so they performed X-rays and got him on meds to help with the pain. At this time the vet said she’s NOT seeing anything broken. Due to the trauma he went through, he is experiencing a lot of swelling and tenderness. He is still having a hard time with standing but it could be ligament injury.
He does however have a slightly enlarged heart which we will need to keep an eye on. He also has some edema around his lungs. That could be from hanging and getting caught on the fence.
He also tore a couple of his hind nails out probably from trying to get himself out of the predicament he was in. He may lose two of his toes to frostbite. They are very questionable right now. He will need close care and monitoring for the next few weeks, luckily he is in a great foster home where he will get all the TLC he needs and then some.
He is now home in his foster home where he has had his first meal and is all cozy and warm. He is on pain meds to keep him comfortable and still cannot walk at this point. We are hoping in a few days as things start to heal he will be more mobile.  He does not have a name yet, as his foster mom is still thinking about what she would like to call him.
As always, vet visits for situations like this can become quite costly, especially since he spent the first several hours of his time with us in the emergency vet overnight having X-rays and other tests run to determine the extent of the damage done. Donations toward our vet bills are always greatly appreciated.  Pictures from the night of his rescue, click here.